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  1. When the whole world in moving forward with the GO-GREEN revolution we have a unique case here of Apple abandoning its Green Certification.Apple hasn’t commented on why it removed itself from EPEAT, which is awarded to electronics that are recyclable and energy-efficient.
  2. For all of us who thought only planes could be hijacked here is something astonishing. Mobile Ads and pop-ups are now holding our smartphones hostage.Aggressive ad networks can disguise ads as text message notifications or app icons, and sometimes change browser settings and bookmarks. Often, the ads will upload your contacts list to the ad network’s servers information the ad network can then sell to marketers.
    So next time you think of accessing these ads think TWICE !!!
  3. Social Media might be making the conventional resume obsolete.
    Facebook plans to launch its own jobs board, working with some existing sites to let users search listings, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. Yes, that’s right: People may be looking for jobs on the same site where photos of their youthful indiscretions could turn off potential employers.
    And it might just be the time to bid our paper resumes good-bye. Between desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, some hiring experts say there’s little reason to pursue a dead-tree summary of someone’s career anymore.