* Provide assistance to client.
* Review Project deliverable,schedule and pricing.
* Develop test criteria document.
* Develop acceptance criteria document.
* Develop detailed requirement document.

Deliverables :detailed system requirements,specifications,test cases, report test and acceptance criterion.

* Produce high level design document.
* Approve and produce low level design document.
* Develop GUI and database schemas.
* Approval phase-2
* sign off phase-2

Deliverables:High and low level documentation GUI schema, data model, project communication procedure and change request forms.

* Design modules are coded and tested.
* Test reports and code reviewing.
* Module documentation.
* Fixing and retesting of the module.
* Final acceptance of the modules from client.

Deliverables: Source code, compiled copy, test cases and reports.

* System integration and modules.
* System integration and testing.
* Load testing.
* Performance testing and monitoring.
* Generation of test reports.
Deliverables: test reports.

* Conduct customer acceptance testing.
* Assist customer in customer acceptance testing.
* Generate client acceptance document.

Deliverables: Client acceptance document for the application.

* Deliverable user manuals.
* Deliver technical and maintainance manuals.
* Deliver complete code and documentation.

Deliverables: User, technical and maintainance modules, complete code and documentation.

* Provide onsite/offsite implementation help.
* Provide help in technical issues.
* Project sign off.

Post Project: Assist in any maintainance jobs as deemed by the client.